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Les métiers- French activities

This is a pack of activities that helps the little learners to know the vocabulary related to jobs. It contains: - A vocabulary sheet - How can we form the feminine of the jobs with activities to practice - Worksheets to practice the vocabulary - Posters for the classroom - A dominoes - A word..

5,00 €

¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!Christmas activities in Spanish

This pack of activities about Christmas contains: - An ice breaker activity - A reading with exercises - A writing exercise - A vocabulary sheet with exercises - A bingo - Bookmarks - Posters with vocabulary for the classroom -A word-search an a crossword

2,80 €

La ropa- Spanish Activities

This is a pack of activities related with clothes . It is designed for little learners and includes a variety of activities. - A poster with vocabulary - A poster with colours - A mini-book with clothes - An activity to recognize the winter clothes - Count and colour  - Labyrinth - Compl..

2,45 €