City Tour: Directions, City Places and Workers

City Tour: Directions, City Places and Workers

Are you looking for interesting material to teach your students how to give instructions or directions? Would you like them to learn more about city places, community workers and how to use the imperative tense properly? Giving and asking for directions is an important skill to master for a second language learner.

This themed unit and project along with oral interaction games & simulation tasks is just what you need! Your students will learn how to give clear instructions and directions, ask for directions or inquire about the location of buildings/places and learn new vocabulary related to city places and community workers.

Use the reference sheets to view the notions, worksheets to practice and games to reinforce learning. Wrap it up with our reinvestment project included to ensure deep learning. We also included a detailed planning to walk you through our sequence of activities.

Answer Keys are included!

Color and Black & White versions included as well.

This document contains 65 pages

This document includes:

  • A detailed suggested planning including activities duration, material, objectives and steps.

  • A “Helpful Expressions” reference sheet on how to give directions.

  • A city places pictionary reference sheet (color + black & white versions).

  • A city places trivia card game (Both color + black & white versions are included.)

  • A city places trivia activity sheet

  • An information gap oral game focusing on asking for the location of a building in a city.

  • A worksheet about Community Workers. (Both color + black & white versions are included.)

  • A “I have / Who has?” game about places in the city. (Both color + black & white versions are included.)

  • A reference sheet + worksheets about the Imperative verb tense.

  • An oral interaction game focusing on giving directions to peers.

  • Printable maps (completed & blank format) (color + black & white versions)

  • All relevant answer keys are included.

  • A detailed reinvestment project & suggested evaluation rubrics

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